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Dreams Workshop at Amanti Moon


This event takes place on Wednesday September 28th at 7.00pm sharp. Doors open at 6.30pm. If you want to come early and have a cuppa and something hot to nibble on please do.

Cost is $25.00 per person. Entry with cards is $45.00 per person.
Address – 15 The Crest Attwood Vic 3049

If you need to contact us prior to the event please don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 8384 9392 or email
If you think your friends would like to come please do not hesitate in letting them know.

More details here.

Do we all have intuition?


All our lives we’ve been told, ‘this is who you are or should be’, this is ‘what you should do’ or follow ‘how things are done’, what to think, and so on. We’ve lost sight of who we truly are and the only glimpse we get of our true nature and our inner wisdom is through our intuition.

It’s kind of remembering who we are at a soul level before we got told who we should be.

How do you develop intuition?

You can develop intuition by sitting and observing, learning to be still and to trust. It’s a biggie. Trust, that is. I could be projecting here, but it’s a big issue for me to feel safe and loved. I need to trust my inner wisdom – also known as intuition.

One exercise I do to increase my intuition is to walk among trees, feeling the breeze, listening to the sound of the leaves fluttering, touching the rough or smooth bark of the tree, and imagine how far down the roots go. I then connect with the tree and imagine my own roots. This connection heightens my sense of intuition and I carry that feeling with me all day. It feels good. Trust me.

Win a dream reading!


Have you had that weird dream, or an unforgettable one that is branded in your brain? What about a moving dream of seeing someone who’s passed on in your dream? No dream is ever too difficult to work out. And the dreamer has the key. Only you need someone to help you fit the key to the lock, and dreams need to be unlocked.

This is your chance to win a free dream reading. Watch out for the details coming soon …..

Your pets’ dreams


We all dream. That means your pets too. What they dream about is anyone’s guess, but you would have seen your dog give out little excited yelps while asleep, with maybe his paws moving as if it’s running. Is it chasing something? What makes your dog twitch and give little high pitched sighs? It could be something simple like remembering the smell of the day’s walk at the park. Or imagining what it’d be like to be roaming in the wild.

What about cats? Your cat makes purr like noises and tiny snores, with whiskers and eyebrows twitching. What could it be dreaming of? No doubt it’s planning some act of revenge or plotting how to best take control of the household, especially the warm human bed in winter.

Every animal is different, but you know your pet best. Check the position it’s sleeping in. It will give you a clue as to how safe and happy your pet feels. And dreams are all about fears, anxieties and emotions. Make sure you have a happy doggie and kitty, or you might find your furniture in tatters when you wake up in the morning – the result of a nightmare. What, did you run out of dog and cat biscuits?

Phobias and Fears in Dreams


Our greatest fears haunt us in our dreams. We wake up in a cold sweat, trembling, heart racing and grateful that ‘it was only a dream’. But is it really? Don’t we feel that wretched feeling of dread when we need to speak up for ourselves. We twitch, our mouths are dry, our tongues as heavy as lead. It’s not only fear of public speaking that worries us in real life, but in dreams it become so much more scary – not only can’t we speak, but we are naked! Talk about feeling exposed and vulnerable.

As for phobias, dreams are there to make your night hell. If you have any phobia that gives you the shivers, say arachnophobia, you can be sure your dream will exaggerate that terror even more. Hundreds of spiders drop on you from nowhere, crawling into your hair, nose, mouth …. they completely cover you so that you can’t breathe, and just as you think you’re dying, you wake up, relieved that it’s only a nightmare.

Why do we have these dreams of terror? It’s your subconscious getting you used to fear so that in real life you won’t be quite as scared. Don’t you feel better now?

Mind Body Spirit Festival insights (June, 2016)


We are more alike than different, yet we feel the opposite. And so that makes us feel alone, but longing for connection? These were the concerns of people I met at my talk at the Mind Body Spirit festival this weekend in Melbourne. So many had been feeling restless, with erratic sleep patterns and bizarre dreams:

Why were dreams vivid and felt so real?
What messages filtered through during dreaming time?
How to understand them?
And why were so many dreams negative and scary?
Could lucid dreams help you control events in your waking life?

It can be incredibly frustrating and scary to dream of death, pain, and recurring themes that make you feel uncomfortable – but your subconscious mind is shouting at you to pay attention. Death – endings but also new beginnings; pain – a wake up call to stop you from following the wrong path; recurring themes like teeth falling out – you’re not at your best right now, but it will get better once you take more control.

We are entering a fourth dimension of consciousness. Part of you is living in the everyday dog eat dog world of three dimensional life and your dreaming part wants to expand and evolve. Lucid dreaming is the way in to create a more spiritual you. You create your reality. The more you use love and compassion when you are in your altered state, the more it filters into your life. That’s the key to connection. That’s how we bring the human race into a new era – the fifth dimension. Our genetics are now ready for this huge shift. Dreams and meditation are the gateways. Let’s take a leap forward.

Mind Body Spirit Festival - Melbourne

Rose will be presenting at the Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne