Do we all have intuition?

Do we all have intuition?


All our lives we’ve been told, ‘this is who you are or should be’, this is ‘what you should do’ or follow ‘how things are done’, what to think, and so on. We’ve lost sight of who we truly are and the only glimpse we get of our true nature and our inner wisdom is through our intuition.

It’s kind of remembering who we are at a soul level before we got told who we should be.

How do you develop intuition?

You can develop intuition by sitting and observing, learning to be still and to trust. It’s a biggie. Trust, that is. I could be projecting here, but it’s a big issue for me to feel safe and loved. I need to trust my inner wisdom – also known as intuition.

One exercise I do to increase my intuition is to walk among trees, feeling the breeze, listening to the sound of the leaves fluttering, touching the rough or smooth bark of the tree, and imagine how far down the roots go. I then connect with the tree and imagine my own roots. This connection heightens my sense of intuition and I carry that feeling with me all day. It feels good. Trust me.