Dream Loss – an epidemic

Dream Loss – an epidemic


There’s a lot of attention given to the fact that we are sleep deprived more than ever before. But did you know that we are also dream deprived? We are experiencing an epidemic of dream loss.

We dream mostly in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) but we also dream in some NREM (non REM sleep). So, what’s the issue with that? If sleep deprivation has side effects such as confusion, disorientation, memory loss and increased fast rate, what are the effects of dream loss?

Disordered dreaming is when our dreams are disrupted. It causes us to feel tired, depressed, unwanted awakenings and nightmares. The loss of our personal dream is the loss of our creativity and spirituality, as well as eroding our intuition.

What to do? Have good sleeping patterns and practices; a healthy lifestyle; avoid excessive alcohol, tobacco and certain medications that prohibit dreams. Don’t put your dreams at risk. Make dreams important.