I dream of Avalon

I dream of Avalon


I will be travelling to London soon. With one proviso. I visit Glastonbury – the ancient site of Avalon, where King Arthur died.

I will climb the Thor – the tower of St Michael’s church up on the hill. I will look over the land that once was an island – the mystical isle of Avalon. There I will breathe in the history of King Arthur, his knights, Queen Guinevere, Morgaine, the great priestess, Merlin, and Lady of the Lake.

It’s here that I will think about before I fall asleep each night and ask my dreams to bring me knowledge and understanding of this magical time in myth and history. What messages will I receive? What oracles?

Once we open up to possibilities of a place having such strong vibrations steeped in myth, we release the gates of the past and invite our mysterious guests to bring us messages. All we need to do is set the intention.