Mind Body Spirit Festival insights (June, 2016)

Mind Body Spirit Festival insights (June, 2016)


We are more alike than different, yet we feel the opposite. And so that makes us feel alone, but longing for connection? These were the concerns of people I met at my talk at the Mind Body Spirit festival this weekend in Melbourne. So many had been feeling restless, with erratic sleep patterns and bizarre dreams:

Why were dreams vivid and felt so real?
What messages filtered through during dreaming time?
How to understand them?
And why were so many dreams negative and scary?
Could lucid dreams help you control events in your waking life?

It can be incredibly frustrating and scary to dream of death, pain, and recurring themes that make you feel uncomfortable – but your subconscious mind is shouting at you to pay attention. Death – endings but also new beginnings; pain – a wake up call to stop you from following the wrong path; recurring themes like teeth falling out – you’re not at your best right now, but it will get better once you take more control.

We are entering a fourth dimension of consciousness. Part of you is living in the everyday dog eat dog world of three dimensional life and your dreaming part wants to expand and evolve. Lucid dreaming is the way in to create a more spiritual you. You create your reality. The more you use love and compassion when you are in your altered state, the more it filters into your life. That’s the key to connection. That’s how we bring the human race into a new era – the fifth dimension. Our genetics are now ready for this huge shift. Dreams and meditation are the gateways. Let’s take a leap forward.