Manifest your dreams

Manifest your dreams


“You don’t choose the dream. The dream chooses you.”

How does a dream choose you? Think about it. Are you haunted by a dream? What if it’s a strong feeling or desire for something? Like, wanting to move to a new place? That strong pull that demands you pay attention. If you don’t, you get more restless, edgy and generally dissatisfied with life. Then you go to sleep and you can’t or if you do, you have those dreams you can’t remember but leave you exhausted in the morning.

You know it’s time to follow your dream. It’s chosen you for the adventure. Go to a new place. Leave your old job you hate. Travel to hidden and mysterious places. Be a pilgrim and stay where you would never have dreamt of before – a farm stay; a monastery; a hut; a camping ground; a haunted pub.

When you listen to your dream, you listen to your soul. Feed your soul. Stray away from your well worn path – even if it’s just for a while.