Phobias and Fears in Dreams

Phobias and Fears in Dreams


Our greatest fears haunt us in our dreams. We wake up in a cold sweat, trembling, heart racing and grateful that ‘it was only a dream’. But is it really? Don’t we feel that wretched feeling of dread when we need to speak up for ourselves. We twitch, our mouths are dry, our tongues as heavy as lead. It’s not only fear of public speaking that worries us in real life, but in dreams it become so much more scary – not only can’t we speak, but we are naked! Talk about feeling exposed and vulnerable.

As for phobias, dreams are there to make your night hell. If you have any phobia that gives you the shivers, say arachnophobia, you can be sure your dream will exaggerate that terror even more. Hundreds of spiders drop on you from nowhere, crawling into your hair, nose, mouth …. they completely cover you so that you can’t breathe, and just as you think you’re dying, you wake up, relieved that it’s only a nightmare.

Why do we have these dreams of terror? It’s your subconscious getting you used to fear so that in real life you won’t be quite as scared. Don’t you feel better now?