Your pets’ dreams

Your pets’ dreams


We all dream. That means your pets too. What they dream about is anyone’s guess, but you would have seen your dog give out little excited yelps while asleep, with maybe his paws moving as if it’s running. Is it chasing something? What makes your dog twitch and give little high pitched sighs? It could be something simple like remembering the smell of the day’s walk at the park. Or imagining what it’d be like to be roaming in the wild.

What about cats? Your cat makes purr like noises and tiny snores, with whiskers and eyebrows twitching. What could it be dreaming of? No doubt it’s planning some act of revenge or plotting how to best take control of the household, especially the warm human bed in winter.

Every animal is different, but you know your pet best. Check the position it’s sleeping in. It will give you a clue as to how safe and happy your pet feels. And dreams are all about fears, anxieties and emotions. Make sure you have a happy doggie and kitty, or you might find your furniture in tatters when you wake up in the morning – the result of a nightmare. What, did you run out of dog and cat biscuits?