About Rose Inserra

I have many titles – best selling author, speaker, writing coach, teacher, visionary, dream interpreter and farmer – all of which have evolved over the years. Each role is one that I relish.

Where did it all begin? After several years as classroom teacher, I made a creative shift to writing for children that saw my name on the book covers of 65 books for children, published by Australian and international publishers.

With the worldwide success of Dictionary of Dreams, it seemed a natural fit that I should explore this fascinating area with wild abandon. A new dream book and two sets of dreaming cards later and I was appearing as columnist, in print and online media, as guest speaker on radio and television and presenting to live audiences on both national and international platforms.

It seemed that dreams had chosen me to help people understand their meanings. 

My research and experience in discovering the mysteries of dreams and their interpretations helped met to unlock the code of its secret messages. My approach was simple, but effective – I used a delicate blend of the spiritual and intuitive, added a dash of folkloric tradition and mixed it with a generous measure of science.

My love of dream interpretation comes from my Italian heritage – it was my grandmother who taught me the importance of dream messages. Her influence has allowed me to develop my deep sense of connection to people seeking insights into their wellbeing.

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