Intuition is a gut feeling that comes from deep inside. It’s an inner knowing, a personal wisdom. Our glimpse of our true nature and our inner wisdom comes through our intuition. It’s remembering who we are at a soul level before we got told who we should be. In my dreamwork, this intuition is especially …

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Autumn Dreams

The green leaves of the oak, the birch, the maple and pears are putting on quite a show as they turn into vibrant reds, yellows and russets. It’s autumn. It’s hot, hearty soups, cooler winds, woolly layers … a season of change and a time for a longer sleep. With more sleep come deeper dreams. …

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How to develop intuition

We are all born with intuition. It’s part of our nature. Sadly, the majority of us have just forgotten to access this natural gift. All our lives we’ve been told who we should be or should be doing or what to follow and what to think. We’ve lost sight of who we truly are and …

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The craft of writing

I have been writing stories ever since I can remember, from the young days as a child and being bilingual meant that I expressed myself very differently. Eventually, English became my dominant language, and I became hooked on writing. Whether it’s a children’s book or an adult fiction or non-fiction, I approach my writing with …

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