Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams

The green leaves of the oak, the birch, the maple and pears are putting on quite a show as they turn into vibrant reds, yellows and russets.

It’s autumn. It’s hot, hearty soups, cooler winds, woolly layers … a season of change and a time for a longer sleep. With more sleep come deeper dreams. Autumn challenges us – it’s a time of reflection, transformation and of redesigning what we want out of life.

Time to release – just like the yellow leaves on the branch drop to the ground, we too release ourselves of what is no longer nurturing us. What do we keep and what’s best to let go of? Which people to hold close and which to hold at bay?
Surrender yourself to dreaming. Let yourself go, like the withering leaf that inevitably has to fall.

What will you be dreaming of in autumn?

Dreams of struggle, fears, colours and textures may enter your dreamscape. They are part of your transformation; part of working out what you want and who you are – or no longer want to be.

These are the autumn dreams.
Fall into them.
Dream deeply.
Let your dreams guide you.

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