Dream Consultation 1 Hour by Zoom or Phone


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Book a confidential one-on-one consultation with Rose today.

Chat to me about your dream from the privacy of your own home.

It includes:

  • Exploring your dream symbols and actions
  • Working through the emotions the dream has brought up
  • My professional insight into the connection between your dream and your waking life
  • Consulting the dream oracle cards for extra guidance
  • A deep dive into your subconscious mind to retrieve the hidden message of your dreamscape.

Once your purchase is processed, I will respond to your email with a simple form for you to fill in and organise a time with you for a consultation.


“Rose nailed my confusing dream and her interpretation was like reading the words of a psychic. I was blown away with her intuitive knowledge. I can’t wait to get her book, and I will be spending my days going over my dream journal with a fine tooth comb from now on.” – Anita

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