Why interpreting dreams is important

Why interpreting dreams is important

Why is it important to understand dreams? First of all, let’s look at why we dream in the first place. Psychologists will tell us that dreams are where we dump all our excess repressed emotions and all those things we cannot process during our waking day. It’s like a rubbish dump and a processing plant at the same time.

But isn’t there more to dreaming than just dumping, processing, and resting?

What about those insightful dreams that predict or highlight or guide us when we need it the most? Dreams offer information on what’s bothering you in your waking life and ways to overcome your fears.

What about spiritual encounters, lucid dreams, astral travel, precognitive dreams?

Imagine you understand your subconscious mind through your knowledge of dreams. You know when your boss is going to bring up the admin issue and you are prepared; you tune in to your intuition about that niggly pain that won’t go away or your car crashes in your dream brings up issues you’re trying to hide.

Presto! You have your own personal manual of you. You don’t need to spend money or find gurus to find out what makes you tick.

Once you work out your individual dream symbols, you’ll gain greater understanding into what’s going on with you. You’ll gain insight into what you need to do.

So, ask me again why it’s important to interpret dreams?

Your dreams are your barometer,
your compass,
and your very own self manual.

It’s the year of the water tiger. Dream fierce. Dream big. Understand your dream’s message.


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